Climate Risk Management Framework Climate Risk Management Framework

Released for user testing

Councils have always had a role in managing risks within their boundaries. Proactive action and the ability to demonstrate how a local government area is considering and acting to mitigate and/or take advantage of changing risk is increasingly important.

The Climate Risk Management Framework for Queensland Local Government aims to encourage logical, defensible and effective actions that can minimise the overall cost of reducing the potential impact of all current and future climate risk within a Local Government Area (LGA).

By using this framework and its companion volume Climate Risk Management Guideline for Queensland Local Government, local governments will be following leading international and national processes and practices.

The advice of key local government and State agency stakeholders means the framework and guideline are tailored for Queensland local government.


The Climate Risk Management Framework for Queensland Local Government and companion guideline have been released for user testing for a 12 month period.

During this time, the LGAQ is seeking feedback from councils on the value of the approach and content of the documents.

Additionally, the program is making 2 grants available to fund a council or group of councils to apply the process and guidance in the documents to prepare a local government area Climate Risk Management Strategy (Phase 1: Strategic Direction Setting, Steps 1 & 2).

Providing feedback on the Climate Risk Management Framework and Guideline

Registering your details allows the program to track the number of documents downloaded and identify which organisations are interested in climate risk management.  With your permission, the program would like to:

  • Inform you when the grants applications open;
  • Seek your feedback on the documents via surveys;
  • Keep you informed of the progress of the grant funded pilot projects;
  • Provide updates on the user feedback we are receiving; and
  • Send you the amended final version of the documents.


Climate Risk Management Framework and Guideline Access Climate Risk Management Framework and Guideline Access

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