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In 2019 the Program will provide leading practice resources for planning and decision making for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Listed below are key resources currently used by councils in Queensland.

Regional climate change projections

Regional climate change projections resources, providing information about future climate, are now available for 13 Queensland regions. These resources include:

  • A Climate Change in Queensland map application that illustrates the projected impacts of climate change for the years 2030, 2050, 2070.
  • Regional climate change impact summaries that aim to help Queenslanders understand and adapt to our changing climate by providing a snapshot of the climate risks, impacts and responses in each region.

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Climate Change in Australia

This web-based information resource provides the latest climate projections data, support and guidance on using the data, access to the science underpinning the data and an outline of the impacts and potential adaptation.

A decision support tree guides the user to the type of information based on what they would like to do e.g. 'I need climate data' or 'I need summary information for my report'.
Developed by the CSIRO for the Australian Government, this resource is highly reliable.

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Adapting to Climate Change - A Local Government Guide 2007

This LGAQ publication provides a practical, step-by-step process for councils to identify risks associated with climate change with considerations of adaptive strategies to address them.

In 2013 the guideline was still recognised as one of the best of its type available in the country, in a report commissioned under the National Adaptation Research Plan for the National Climate Change Adaptation Facility.

The guide was framed around a standard risk assessment methodology used by business.
This resource is highly reliable

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In 2013 the guideline was still recognised as one of the best of its type available in the country. ‚ÄčThe National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility recognised the project products as a nationally relevant Adaptation Good Practice.

Communication Guidelines: Coastal Hazard Adaptation 2014

In recognition of the significant challenges faced by local governments in communicating about coastal hazards, the LGAQ commissioned the preparation of this guideline to provide tips and considerations specifically addressing communication and engagement on this topic.
This resource is highly reliable.

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Incorporating Community Values into Climate Change Planning: A Guide for Government 2014

This manual is intended for parties interested in achieving a just approach to adaptation. It provides a step-by-step guide of how to identify community values, relationships and activities that are likely to be impacted by climate change and adaptation, and how to implement a more equitable, fair and inclusive adaptation process.

Prepared by the University of Melbourne as part of a larger project entitled Equitable Outcomes in Adaptation to Sea Level Rise.
This resource is highly reliable

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